About Us

Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to unlock your family’s musical potential by providing consistent, quality care for your piano so you can create more music and memories together.

Our Story

Music is powerful. It gathers people and makes any occasion memorable. I believe everyone - and every family - can create it with the right instruments.

In my childhood, my family frequently gathered around our piano to sing, creating some of my favorite memories. However, with time, the piano developed issues and those gatherings became less frequent. When I began studying piano technology in 2014, I quickly realized that many pianos - ours included - were playing far below their musical potential because they lacked the care they needed to perform well. With my training, I could provide proper care for my family's piano, allowing us to once again enjoy creating music together.

I founded JR Piano Tuning to unlock that same musical potential in the homes and families of those it serves. When a client begins to play a freshly serviced piano, their face lights up with a smile, and they call their family in to listen, I know JR Piano Tuning has fulfilled its mission. Their family will have many musical gatherings to come - because their piano sounds and feels just right.

I was raised in a large, loving homeschool family in Smithfield, UT, and then Snowflake-Taylor, AZ. Thanks to parental support, I developed passions for piano technology and the Arabic language. I studied both subjects at BYU Provo (2016-2021) and graduated with a double major in Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic and Arabic Language in December 2021. Following a year of servicing pianos in Arizona and Utah Valley, we returned to Cache Valley in November 2022. My wife and I love creating music and memories in our home in Providence, UT.